A  wide range of format and fine art support choices is available to you if you decide to get some prints or fine art from my portfolio (great idea!). The items are a blend of four reliable global print vendors in order to offer you the highest quality and customized options to enjoy one or more of my images in your home or another place of choice. If you have questions that were not answered below or special requests, you are more than welcome to connect with me through my contact page or by email:

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Image sizes and formats

The images are clustered in 3 format ratio families, with customized menu cards for each of them:   3:2 original ratio, panoramic images (1:2 or 1:3 images ratios), and 1:1 square images. The following formats are available:

Shootplanet print formats table3:2 original ratios

For the 3:2 original ratio, within the 6 sizes, you’ll have almost 50 options to choose from! Beyond print finishing. You can also opt for gallery wrap and rolled canvas, metal prints, float wrap, velvet prints, standout, or acrylic gallery prints. More details in the next section.

Shootplanet portfolio standard pictures examples on a wall
Shootplanet portfolio pictures examples on a wall

Panoramic picture ratios

Panorama images are 1:2 or 1x:3 printing ratios and the menu card offer options for both

Shootplanet portfolio panoramic pictures examples on a wall
Shootplanet portfolio panoramic pictures examples on a wall

Square pictures format

These images will look like my image from Angkor Wat (Cambodia)  or the Taj Mahal (India) examples below.

Shootplanet portfolio square pictures examples on a wall
Shootplanet portfolio square pictures examples on a wall


After you’ve added your favorite image(s) to the card, you’ll have 3 rolling menus available to customize your purchase for the image you choose like on the screen capture on the left:

     Prints for purchasing unframed printed images. Unframed rolled canvas (and a few special executions) will as well appear on that menu

     Or Products for purchasing the image printed on framed gallery wrap, metal, acrylic, etc

     Or Download to simply get the image file by email for your personal use

When needed, the item will have as well a “more” click to get detailed information about the vendor printing execution like on the example on the right

Shootplanet Print page menu description

Shootplanet Print page menu description

PRINTS: Glossy, Matte, Lustre, Metallic or Black-and-White

Shootplanet images prints examples

Many print finishes are available during check-out for all or some of the formats.

Glossy photos are printed on coated paper with a smooth, shiny reflective surface. Glossy finishes have a high-contrast, crisp, and sharp appearance and look slick to the touch. It has an excellent dynamic range and color. Colors appear vibrant, with slightly more “pop” than the matte paper.

Matte finishes have a very smooth, non-glare surface. Matte finishes have a lower contrast when printed and are often used to enhance the texture of a print. Fingerprints and smudges are not as visible as they are on a Glossy print.

Lustre is a professional-grade paper, typically preferred for portraits and weddings. It has a slight gloss, a deeper color saturation than matte, higher contrast, and is thicker than consumer paper. Fingerprints and smudges are not as visible. It is anti-glare and great for framing.

Metallic paper produces an almost chrome-like, burnished appearance with exceptional sharpness, brightness, color saturation, and intense blacks. The glossy finish and eye-catching metallic look create prints with exceptional visual interest and depth. It is extremely durable for display applications.

Giclee prints allow you to choose from a wild range of art prints options:  Bamboo Giclee, Pearl Giclee, Torchon Giclee, William Turner Giclee.

Gallery Wrap or Rolled Canvas

Gallery Wrap Canvas is a method of stretching a canvas so that it wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar and is secured to the back of the wooden frame.

Your pictures are printed on fine quality canvas and coated to seal their beauty. They arrive ready to make a splash on your walls.

The two examples on the right are pictures from Niagara Falls (Canada) and Masai Mara (Kenya) to show how great the images will look if you decide to purchase a Gallery Wrap Canvas format!


Rolled Canvas is a canvas print that has not been stretched over a timber frame. This means it is less susceptible to damage and can be rolled for easier storage or transportation.

It is printed on archival quality canvas, laminated, and ready for you to have stretched or framed before it can be displayed.

Shootplanet Wrapped Canvas examples


shooplanet float wrap mounting


Float Wraps are an exciting and unique way to display prints.

Prints are mounted to a padded board to give some dimension, then a wood hanging block is applied to the back of the mounted print in order to give it a lot of depth.

Its black paper backing and thick gatorboard block with holes allows the image to hang extended from the wall, giving the impression that your image is floating.

Standout prints

Shoot Planet Standout examples


Standout option has a very clean, modern style and looks good from all angles.

It is made from lightweight foam with an edge.


As an example of what Standout looks like, you’ll see here two of my pictures from Huahine island (French Polynesia) and from the replica by the Vegas Parisian casino in Macao (China) – nope, that’s not Paris! –


Acrylic prints will create a focal point in any room. They are bright and glossy-looking, with light-reflecting through the acrylic sheet onto the image itself. They are made by printing the photographic image onto high-quality photo paper, which is then pressure-bonded to the back of a polished acrylic sheet.


Additionally, a few formats-size also offer the following options:

Velvet, a 100% cotton paper. It has a patterned texture with a similar look and feels to watercolor paper.

Giclée Fine Art Prints, that retain tonality and hue on archival paper that ensures longevity.

Personal-use download

You have the option to download my images but for strictly personal or limited educational use. Personal use may include using the image for at-home printing, computer desktop displays, wedding announcements, online personal profiles, social media, etc. You will be prompted to agree to a Personal Use Electronic Download Agreement. Images are available for download in small size (500 pixels), medium size (1 500 pixels), and large size (2 500 pixels). High-definition original size images are not available for personal download.


Right-Managed licensing

Rights-managed, or RM, licensing refers to a copyright license that allows the buyer to use a photo within the terms specified by the license, mainly for editorial and commercial clients like magazines, newspapers, ad agencies, annual reports, etc. The license price is derived from usage terms, including the region, length of use, and whether the image will be used on a billboard or on a website, for example. It is automatically calculated through an industry-standard calculator.

For specific needs, you are more than welcome to connect with me through my contact page or by email: or sites like mission photographe 

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