As I can only reliably explain what I understand well, what I explain can only be very simple!

My intention is to share practical and (hopefully) helpful travel photography tips on the different critical ingredients for you to obtain pictures that you’ll be really proud of. These tips in my blog posts will cover different aspects of preparation and planning, shooting technics, digital development, and tools that can help a bit.

Remember: the more you learn and practice, the luckier you’ll get with your images!

Jalq'a farmers cultivating their fields, Maragua, Bo

Bolivia Chuquisaca region altiplano wonders

Bolivia is an amazing country with great contrasts, from the Andeans Altiplano to the Amazon rainforest, offering amazing landscape photography opportunities.  The country has the world’s highest of almost everything: highest capital (La Paz 3650 m), highest city, highest lake, forest, etc. The country offers endless stunning natural beauties, as well as preserved cultures (and…

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