Welcome to my blog!

There are three interconnected areas that I am passionate about and that will be central to the conversations I intend to create on this blog over time:

  • Location tips: sharing experience and tips regarding some iconic travel photography locations and landmarks around the globe in the hopes of helping travelers and photographers enjoy a fabulous experience.
  • Photography tips: sharing simple, practical tips on the different critical ingredients that will help you obtain pictures that you’ll be really proud of (be in the right place at the right time, photography techniques, digital development, and tools that can help).
  • Helping the planet: sharing images of the Earth’s beauty in contrast to the very concerning facts that undoubtedly confirm that these wonders are badly endangered.

So, I’m looking forward to engaging in exploring and protecting our planet!

Marc Turcan – ShootPlanet

Bolivia Chuquisaca region altiplano wonders

Bolivia is an amazing country with great contrasts, from the Andeans Altiplano to the Amazon rainforest, offering amazing landscape photography opportunities.  The country has the world’s highest of almost everything: highest capital (La Paz 3650 m), highest city, highest lake, forest, etc. The country offers endless stunning natural beauties, as well as preserved cultures (and…